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Garage Door Rollers Service By M.G.A Garage Door Repair Dallas TX

Garage Door Rollers – Repair and Maintenance

Garage doors are important parts in many households.  Aside from providing security and safety to cars and homes, a garage door adds aesthetic value to properties. While it effectively blocks the interior of your house from outside viewers, an awesome garage door may also improve your curb appeal and enhance your home’s appearance.  But more than beauty, functionality and durability are foremost considerations in garage door installations.  As entry to your property, a garage door should always be working efficiently. Imagine how inconvenient it will be if you cannot enter your property because your garage door wouldn’t open; even worse if that happens during an emergency.  Sometimes, a defective garage door may even cause injuries and accidents.  Hands and other body parts can be trapped if springs and cables in a garage door snap or break.

 To avoid untoward incidents, garage doors should be subject to periodic maintenance. You can do self-checking from time to time.  Note the times that you encounter difficulty in opening and closing them.  Your garage door is not just an ordinary door.  It is an entry/exit system that is made up of different components. Should any of these components or parts becomes defective, your garage door malfunctions. Are the garage door rollers moving smoothly on the tracks? Are there any obstruction? Do you need to replace the rollers? To find out what best to do, contact us at M.G.A Garage Door Repair Dallas.  We are a reliable garage door repair service company in your area.

The Best Types of Garage Door Rollers

There are different types of garage doors.  You can opt to install a sliding, swing-out, swing up/fold-up and roll-up type.   The first three types may be made of single panel doors.  On the other hand, the roll-up is a sectional door and is so far the most popular type.  It is commonly used and recommended by contractors and builders of low-cost housing.  They use standard garage door rollers that are usually made of plastic with stems that have no ball bearings.  The life expectancy of this entry level type of garage door is a maximum of three years. After that, you will definitely need to set aside a budget for replacement.

If you are particular with safety and security, you can choose a roll-up type that uses more durable and high quality materials and components.  For a modest-sized residential type, the ten-ball steel or nylon rollers may be adequate. But if your ceiling is a bit higher, you may have to use 12-ball rollers.  Both types of rollers work better than the plastic models and need not be replaced frequently. 

The best types are the nylon rollers with 13 double sealed ball bearings.  These types can withstand harsher environment, as they have high lubrication that deflects moisture and protects the ball bearings for a longer period.  In addition, with more rollers, your garage door will operate smoother and quieter. It will glide with almost no sound at all. This is because the weight of the door is more evenly distributed and does not put much tension on the cables and springs.

Most Efficient Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are horizontal bars that are hinged together and rolled up using either an electronic or mechanical system. They can also be rolled up using a manual procedure.  These types of garage doors are the most commonly used in residential buildings.  Other parts of this door type include the springs, cables, and the major components which are the rollers. All of these components are interlinked with one another and if one of them gets broken or becomes defective, your garage door would malfunction. If the rollers don’t glide smoothly or clank noisily, you will know that something is wrong with your garage door.

The sturdier the material, the longer you can maximize the use of your garage door. The standard doors are made of aluminium sheets.  These may look good and are easy to handle because they are lightweight; hence, you can use plastic rollers.  There are also steel types that are heavier but would last longer than aluminium and are best paired with steel or nylon rollers.

Are you thinking of installing a new garage door or replacing an old one? Before deciding on anything, it is best to consult the experts. If you are in Dallas, Texas, you can contact us at M.G.A Garage Door Repair Dallas TX.  We can give you excellent advice on anything about garage doors.  Whether you need to repair a defective one or need a replacement, we are willing to assist you through our professional technicians.  Call us and let us discuss with you what you need.

Proper Care of Roller Garage Doors

Have you installed or would choose to install roller garage doors to your property? Then you have to keep these important things in mind. Whether you use standard-sized models or a custom made garage door, preventive maintenance is a must in order to ensure its safety and durability.  Regular inspections will help in optimizing its useful life. It will make you aware of the changes in the performance of your roller garage door.  Once you notice that something is wrong, don’t delay in seeking professional advice. Do not try to fix a defective garage door by yourself. If you need to replace broken parts, then ask for assistance from a reputable garage door repair company.  You might be using the wrong parts or wrong models; thus, instead of fixing a minor problem, you might cause a more serious damage on your garage door.

We at M.G.A. are at your service.  We are more than willing to assist you anytime and even during holidays.  You can also call us during an emergency situation.  We are sure to dispatch an expert team to resolve your problem.  We carry high quality and durable parts and components of garage doors.  These are sourced from well-known manufacturers.  You need not wait for spare parts as we always carry adequate inventories. We can fix your problem promptly.  Don’t worry about the cost; we offer the most competitive pricing for both labor and parts.  Check us out and let us do business to your satisfaction.

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