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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs Service By M.G.A Garage Door Repair Dallas TX

The Importance of Garage Door Springs

A modern garage door is very different now from the old garage door, with simple hinges and a lock.  Also, it is easy to take your garage door for granted; however, it should have a similar maintenance routine as that of a motor vehicle.

At some point, your garage door may jam, or more seriously, drop down. This could damage your car or worse, cause injuries to anyone under the garage door.  If you are faced with a serious repair problem, then help is at hand for those living in Dallas TX.  Get in touch with Garage Doors Dallas.  We are an efficient garage repair service provider that operates 24/7. We will get to you as quickly as possible.  Garage door springs are essential components.  They help keep the garage door in a raised position. If they start to snap, this could mean the garage door suddenly falling down. Springs, like all metals, are subjected to work hardening. The metal becomes more brittle and less “springy” over time. However, it is possible to predict when the spring could snap.  A cycle is each time the garage door is used.  The spring will snap at around 10,000 cycles.  If you use the garage door twice a day, then this could happen at around 14 years. If you are running a business, for example, and the garage door is used 8 times a day, there will be spring failure in 3 years.

Types of Garage Door Springs

Springs come in two types–torsion and extension springs.  Torsion springs are fixed to the garage door while extension springs are used at the top of it.  Replacing these on your own would be very difficult; you would have to find the right type and make of garage door springs. The garage door itself would have to be secured safely. These springs are under high tension, so removing them can prove very hazardous. As such, it would be necessary to get in contact with a competent garage repair company.

To save you from needing potentially expensive repair work or even a serious accident, it would be a good idea to set up a regular maintenance routine program. This could mean a more thorough visual inspection of all the different garage door systems once a month. You may notice wear and tear in the components. If you also notice that the garage door motor is starting to strain or the door seems to be getting progressively out of balance, then this could be time to call the garage repair company for a proper inspection of your garage. Cables are another important component that will need replacing at some time.  They have a very important role in holding up the garage door. You will need expert advice in replacing these. They are designed to be used in either torsion or extension spring garages. As with garage door spring repair, it is better to call in a reputable garage repair company to repair your cables.

Spring Repair and Other Garage Door Services

There are a number of other important systems that need to be regularly monitored.  Along with the garage door spring repair, another critical system that needs to be checked from time to time is the rollers. These are made from steel, polyurethane, or nylon.  They have a very important function in helping to move the garage door up and down. These will wear in time. The rollers will get chipped and damaged.  They would especially be a good starting point for a monthly visual inspection, as damage and wear should be fairly obvious.

Hinges help lock the rollers into their tracks. The bolts and fittings used to secure them will need to be adjusted and tightened from time to time. The tracking itself could become damaged and distorted. Debris and dirt could clog up the rollers and the tracking system.  This could also lead to the doors jamming if not seen. You can take care of some of these repairs.  However, if you have any worries, then call in the experts. A simple item of repair and maintenance related to the smooth running of the garage door rollers and other systems is the weather seal. It surrounds the whole garage door frame and makes sure the extremes of the weather and outside debris do not get into the garage. They can be made of either nylon or polypropylene. These, too, can get worn and damaged.  Not looking after them will mean rain getting in, along with the dirt and dust.

OEM Parts for Garage Door Spring Repair

You may be able to take care of the weather seal yourself. However, it would still be better to call in M.G.A Garage Door Repair Dallas TX.  It is not just their experience and expertise that are important; they also have a good understanding of the different types of components that are needed in each garage door. These are sourced from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).  Obviously they are the most reliable parts, as they are designed and made for a specific garage door. OEM parts also work out a lot cheaper. Cheap substitute parts are not a very good option in the long run, as these will not last and will not be that reliable. If you do call us, then we will help you determine which components to buy and from what sources.

The panels on the door itself also need checking.  Even a slight dent could cause an imbalance in the internal garage door mechanisms.  They should not be ignored. This could happen with vehicles reversing back into the door or if you have children. Panels come in a variety of different materials. They are made mostly of steel, aluminum, or polyethylene.  However, they can also come in other materials such as wood or copper. Furthermore, garage doors rely on microelectronic, electronic, and electrical systems. The “electric” eye part of the “opener” system, may be out of alignment. However, all the associated parts can be replaced for an “opener” system.

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