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It was hard dealing with the small malfunctions and glitches with my garage door. One time, I swear I was so close to cutting a big hole into it with my metal saw because the roller won’t function. It was a simple problem, yet the effect was frustrating. That was when I decided to seek professional help. I had to do a background check for every garage door repair company I saw on the internet. One of my friends recommended I avail the services of this company. At first, I was doubtful because that was one man’s opinion. After reviewing their past services, however, I was impressed. I gave them the deposit payment for the repairs and after only two weeks, my garage door was working as if it was just newly installed.

Robert Jeter

The best maintenance service I have received for years. I have commissioned probably 3 to 4 garage door repair companies in the span of 2 years, and I always find a reason to find a new one. The last company charged way too much, and my garage door started to malfunction 3 months later. So then I decided to seek a friend’s advice and she recommended this company. The installation service was efficient and affordable. As a new customer, they offered me 3 maintenance services free of charge. I will surely recommend this to all of my friends and family.

Thomas Davis

I had to fix my garage door because the panel made loud rusty noises every time I opened it. I was afraid that one day, the panels might just come falling down, damaging my car or even worse, injuring my family. I gave this company a call and a welcoming voice greeted me. After 2 minutes of talking, the man on the line quickly figured out what was wrong with my garage door. He said that it was the rollers that needed replacing. They came to my house not an hour after. I think it took them 2 hours to finish their job. Upon the final touches, they wanted me to inspect the result. My garage door opened smoothly, no rusty noise, no frustrations. Good job, truly a good job.

Dawn Thomas

I’ve been conducting my own garage door repair and replacement for almost a year. Everything was going smoothly until the track on the left side of the pulley got stuck. My garage door was jammed and the problem was that it was left wide open. Just my luck, I had to run an errand and it was really urgent. I called this company and informed them about my situation. 10 minutes later, three technicians came and started disassembling the left side of my garage door. I had to leave them, and it was a good thing there was no traffic. I took me at least an hour to finish my errand and when I came back, they were already attaching the pulley to the track. I can’t believe they finished it within an hour, and the repair job was really good.

Erica Cha

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